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Moving is always expensive, but that is no reason to miss out on a housewarming party with all your friends. Moving, especially if you are moving into your first home or upgrading to a nicer property, is an exciting event and it should be celebrated. Fortunately, it is possible to throw a memorable housewarming party without breaking the bank. People will remember the fun times and good company, not the expensive dinner or decorations. Cut corners where you can in order to save money for the things that matter.

The first place you can save money is with the invitations. E-vites are becoming more and more common and many sites will let you design your own invitations for free. The good news is that sending out free e-vites instead of mailing paper invitations can save you time and money. Use an event planning site to send your invitations or simply set up a Facebook event for your housewarming party.

Plan your guest list carefully. While you will definitely want to invite your immediate family and close friends, consider whether or not all of your co-workers should make the list. A smaller party will be more affordable and there will be time to show your other friends your home at a later date.

You should also think about what decorations are necessary and which ones you can do without. It is easy to spend a couple hundred dollars on decorations that you will only use once. While decorations are a great way to create a festive atmosphere, over the top decorations are probably not the best use of your limited funds. The focal point of your housewarming party should be your home, so it is not necessary to fill each room with decorations. Instead, we recommend choosing a colour scheme and buying a few balloons with matching plates and napkins. This will pull your party together quickly and affordably.

Since you probably have not fully unpacked yet, you will not want to cook a full meal for your guests. If you plan for an afternoon housewarming party, feel free to serve snacks and finger foods that require very little prep or clean up. Set bowls of chips and dip or other snacks around the house so that your guest can graze while they are chatting with each other.

In addition to being the more convenient option, skipping the sit-down dinner is another great way to cut costs. If you would prefer to have a full meal at your party, consider making it a potluck where each guest brings a dish to share. This will keep the burden of feeding your guests from falling directly on your shoulders. You will have enough other things to worry about in the weeks following your big move. Let someone else handle the cooking.

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