Overgrown lawn edge

Planning to stage your home is planning to have it sold soon. But before you pour time and money into making your home more desirable to buyers, be sure you avoid these common mistakes.

  • Forgetting curb appeal

    First impressions matter – and this is especially true when it comes to real estate. The first thing potential buyers see when they pull up to view your home is your front lawn. Make sure it’s weeded, trimmed, and nicely landscaped – simple solutions guaranteed to make a good first impression. If your front yard is looking a bit worse for wear, get it back to shape ASAP.

  • An overpersonalized space

    Beware of decor and accessories that may turn off buyers. As much as possible, depersonalize the space so it becomes easier for prospects to imagine living in your home. This means personal knick-knacks, family photos, and quirky furniture are best left to storage.

  • Too much color

    In relation to the above, make sure that your home sticks to a neutral color palette. While you may love the lime green walls of your dining area, other buyers might find the hue too overpowering. Note that color should draw the eye, not overwhelm it—especially in homes that are for sale.

  • Clutter won’t cut it

    No one likes walking into a cluttered home, especially home buyers. A messy space gives the impression that the current owners are slovenly and don’t take good care of their property. Don’t let buyers use the mess in your home as a bargaining chip to lowball you. Before showing your home, tidy up. Rid rooms of items that don’t belong there like toys cluttering up the kitchen counter; or an exercise machine in the living room.

  • A cavalcade of artwork

    Good artwork is like fine jewelry: the less you wear, the more it shines. So while it might be tempting to bedeck your home with all the artwork you own, this will only serve to distract the eye. Display art pieces judiciously.

  • Not addressing odors

    Of course, it’s not just what people see in your home that matters—what they smell or don’t smell matters a lot, too. Any unpleasant smell must be addressed directly instead of being masked with scented candles and air fresheners. An overly fragrant home will only raise suspicion.

  • Focusing on the wrong things

    You may think revamping your pool will attract more buyers, but the upkeep of such an amenity might actually drive prospects away. If you do want to renovate your home to make it more attractive, focus on oft-used areas such as the kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom.

  • Spending too much money

    Don’t assume that successful staging means breaking the bank. Sometimes, even small, cosmetic changes can make your abode look and feel brand new. These include tweaks such as repainting walls, replacing your front door, or installing new lighting.

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