Moving with children can be an emotional, yet exciting time for the family. Maybe your home that you are leaving is the place where you started your family or maybe the home has been in the family for a while. Whatever the case may be, moving with children can be made less stressful by incorporating these activities into the moving process.

Make the Kids Feel Included in the Home Buying Process

When you are deciding to make the big decision to move homes, make it an exciting announcement to the kids. Plan an evening to tell the kids about the big event and get everyone involved in the process. If you all start to look at properties together as a family, this can make the process easier on everyone because everyone will feel like they are on the same page. You can even tell the kids to start doing home research on their own to get some variety in the home search and take a little of the burden off of your shoulders. You might be pleasantly surprised at what options the kids come up with.

Use the Move as an Opportunity to Cut Down on Clutter

When announcing the big move, make a point to tell the kids that this would be a great time to start thinking about the old toys that they have grown out of or don’t want to keep that have been clogging up the basement or garage. This can be an ideal time to cut down and avoid taking clutter into your new home.

Get the Kids to Help Run a Garage Sale

With some of items that you want to declutter, consider setting up a date to have a garage sale before the big move. Get the kids involved by having them help set up the garage sale and any items that you don’t sell, the whole family can donate them to a charity who really values the items and will put them to a valued use.

Make Plans for the New Home with the Kids

After you settle on a choice for your new home, engage the kids in activities like planning what space in the new house will be used for. For example, have the kids pick their rooms and how they will arrange their furniture and decorate. This will help them to adjust better to the new home and feel attached to it right out of the gate. Transitions can be tough for kids, but this will make the process a lot easier.

Have the Kids Help You Host a Housewarming Party

Last but not least, once you are settled and the house is no longer too chaotic with moving boxes and items scattered about, sit down with the family and plan a date for a housewarming party. Not only will you be able to showcase the new house to friends and family, but this party can really help kids to feel like this is home.

If you would like any other tips or advice about moving with children, it would be my pleasure to help and feel free to give me a call.