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Finding enough storage space can be difficult in any size home, but it is especially difficult in apartments and condos. Small spaces can quickly become overcrowded and cluttered. The key to maximizing functionality in small homes is to maximize storage space.

Consider implementing some of these genius storage ideas to make your condo feel more spacious.

Genius Storage Idea #1: Wardrobe Style Storage

While wardrobes are historically found only in bedrooms, many modern wardrobes might fit right into a living room or kitchen. If you find that you just do not have enough cabinet space, a wardrobe is a great alternative to a traditional china cabinet. One drawback of a china cabinet is that the front is often made of glass, putting the contents of each shelf on display for anyone that enters the room.

Wardrobes, on the other hand, will give you a place to store your belongings and keep the clutter out of sight. A wardrobe in your living room or entryway can also double a coat closet – something some small condos are missing from their floor plan.

Genius Storage Idea #2: Murphy Wall Bed

If you need a comfortable place for out of town guests to sleep but you are not able to designate a whole room as a guest room, consider installing a Murphy wall bed. This way, you can use the space as an office or sitting area when you do not have anyone visiting. The low profile bed will be out of the way until your family comes to town. During the holidays, you can quickly lower the bed and you will not have to make your guests sleep on an uncomfortable couch or air mattress when they come to visit.

Genius Storage Idea #3: Overhead Laundry Storage

If you have a small laundry room, you are probably wondering how to maximize storage in this space. Think tall when it comes to laundry room storage. If you have a side by side washer and dryer, install overhead cabinets above each. If your washer and dryer are stacked, add a tall, narrow shelving unit that will maximize storage space while taking up minimal floor space.

Genius Storage Idea #4: Hanging Bag Organizers

If you are like most people, you have more backpacks, purses, and tote bags than you could realistically use in a month. If you have already culled your collection as much as possible, consider adding a hanging bag organizer to your closet. These hang easily on your existing closet rod, allowing you to store your bags vertically instead of in a pile that takes up valuable shelf or floor space.

Genius Storage Idea #5: Floor to Ceiling Entertainment Center

Many entertainment centers only extend halfway up the wall, wasting a lot of space above the TV and shelves. Consider a floor to ceiling entertainment center. This will give you plenty of space for your TV, cable box, and video games while also allowing you to use the higher shelves for books or decorative displays.

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