Relocating can be an exciting experience for some people who are ready to experience someplace new. But, for others, it is a necessity, not a choice. Maybe you are relocating because you need to be closer to a loved one or your job is transferring you to a new office. Whatever the case may be, here are a few tips to help you save a little more money in the process of relocating.

Ask for a Stipend

If you are moving for work, make sure to ask your employer if they are able to give you a moving stipend. This will allow you to cover some of the expenses that you would rather not be paying for yourself. If you don’t want to move all of your furniture or disassemble that IKEA desk you built two years ago, then check for the stipend because that could be the difference between a do-it-yourself project and hiring a company to do it for you. Even if the move is for a family member’s benefit, it is always worth asking that family member for some extra help with finances during the move.

Collect Packing Items Early and Often

You should never pay for boxes during the relocation process. There are so many businesses that get products in boxes. Most of these boxes go to the back of the store and are never seen again. Oftentimes if you just ask if a store has extra boxes that can be used in moving, the store would be happy to give them to you. If you can get a box collection going early, then you will not be scrambling for boxes right before your move. This just makes your only expense tons and tons of packing tape.

Declutter before You Pack

Before you get carried away packing up all of your lovely belongings, make sure that those items that you are packing are worth keeping and unpacking in your new place. If you are using a packing company, they usually charge per item and moving expenses can get quite costly. But, even if you are not using a moving company, your back will thank you if you do not pack those tea sets that your mom got you every year on your birthday. Decluttering when relocating is a key part of the moving process.

Take New Purchases on Slowly

When relocating, it is important to unpack and organize your belongings slowly. This is helpful because if you just run to Target right when you move in to your new place, you might purchase more clutter that you just got rid of when moving. It is better to unpack and take your time and not take on new purchase clutter.

Move in the Off-Season

If you have any choice as to when you relocate, you should try to do so in the off-season. Chances are that if you are using a moving company their prices may be cheaper during the off-season because it may be the company’s slower season.

Whether you are relocating for personal or work reasons, please let me know if you have any additional questions about relocation and how you can save money in the process.