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Luxury home buyers are looking for a place that they can relax during their time off while also entertaining guests on weekends or holidays. Maximizing convenience and lowering stress is the priority with these homeowners, so if you are targeting luxury buyers, make sure that your home has these 4 key features.

Luxury Feature #1: An Open Floor Plan

Most luxury homes are made for entertaining and an open floor plan is the first step to achieving this. Gone are the days of having servants prepare food out of sight in the kitchen, later serving it to the guests in a formal dining room. Today, most gatherings flow naturally from the kitchen into the living and dining areas. Many homeowners say that the kitchen is the most used room in their home, so why cut it off from the other living areas?

Luxury Feature #2: Indoor/Outdoor Living Space

In the last decade, outdoor living spaces have become more and more popular with upscale homeowners. When the weather is nice, an outdoor living space will give your guests the option to relax on the patio with a drink or enjoy the gardens around the pool.

However, as we said before, the kitchen is the most used room in the house. So what do you do if the kitchen is inside and the festivities are occurring outside? Many designers have found that the perfect solution to this dilemma is to build a second kitchen near the outdoor entertaining areas. Most of these outdoor kitchens include a gas grill, an area to prep the food, and a sink. Many also include a refrigerator and plenty of storage space.

Luxury Feature #3: Move in Ready

Those that are looking to buy luxury real estate are not usually looking for a project property. They do not want to replace the flooring or cabinets before they move in. Once they do move into the property, these buyers will not want to move out again for complex renovations. These buyers do not want to buy homes that will soon need to have their roofs or foundation repaired. If you are selling a luxury property, make sure that your buyers will not have to spend time fixing up the property before they can call it home.

Luxury Feature #4: A Spa Bathroom

A hot bath is one of the most popular ways to relax and wind down after a tough week at work. Because of this, a spacious, up to date master bathroom is one of the most attractive features to luxury home buyers. Make sure that your bathrooms look their best before listing your home for sale.

Above all, those that are looking to buy luxury real estate are searching for convenience. Homes that allow them to enjoy life with minimal added stress will always appeal to the most affluent home buyers. To learn more about minimizing stress while finding your family’s next home, get in touch with Huntley Realty at email us at [mail_to email=””][/mail_to] or call 847.669.4010.