You don’t need hundreds of dollars or a landscape designer just to spruce up your backyard. There are a plenty of ways to give your outdoor area more character without breaking the bank.

Here are 10 ideas for ingenious and inexpensive outdoor projects:

  1. Planters made from upcycled materials

    Planters made from upcycled materials

    You don’t need to buy brand-new pots just to make a new home for your precious plants. Used items in your house will do the trick. You get to save money and add some color and character to your backyard at the same time.Some of the items that you can turn into planters are:

    • Old tires
    • Old dressers
    • Old wooden ladders
    • Old milk cans
    • Colanders
    • A bicycle with a basket
    • Galvanized mop buckets
  2. Stump stools

    Stump stools

    Stump stools give your backyard a more rustic and unique look. Gather tree stumps from a lumber yard or from fallen trees and sandpaper them for a smooth finish. You can alsopaint the top of the stumps, add decorative patterns, or place a cushion pillow on top!

  3. Backyard cooler table

    Backyard cooler table

    Having a party in your backyard? You don’t need to bring a coolerout!With a cooler table,you’ll have your favorite drinks nice, cold, and easy to reach. This can cost as low as $100 (or less) depending on materials, design, and your DIY skill level.Here are some plans to get you started.

  4. Unique bird feeders

    Unique bird feeders

    Put your empty wine bottles and old dinnerware to good use by turning them into bird feeders. Not only do they do a great job of feeding the birds and giving them a place to rest, they add a quirky touch to your outdoor space. Get inspired here.

  5. DIY lanterns

    DIY lanterns

    DIY lanterns are a great addition to outdoor areas like your garden, porch or patio. Some of the household items that you can use to make lanterns are:

    • Tin cans
    • Wine bottles
    • Mason jars
    • Paper bags
    • Glow sticks
  6. Repurposed garden shed

    repurposed garden shed

    Backyard sheds are typically used for storing garden tools and, well, junk. But your shed can be so much more!Turnit into a little gym, an art studio, a home office, or another room. But before you start transforming it, you must first repair any issues such as broken windows, uneven floorboards or leaky roofs.

  7. Outdoor daybed

    Outdoor daybed

    An outdoor daybedisa great place to relax and lounge around. There aremany variations on the kind ofdaybed that you can create, from a simple, rusticpieceyou can place on your deck to a hanging one. Find out how you can build your own outdoor daybed here and here.

  8. Old chair makeovers

    Old chair makeovers

    Tired of looking at plain, white outdoor chairs?Give them an instant makeover with a fresh coat of paint. You can paint them in different shadesfor a more colorful touch.

  9. Turning an old chair or bench into a swing

    Turning an old chair or bench into a swing

    Another way to repurpose old chairs is by turning them into a swing. Just remove the legs of the chair, attach a sturdy board under the seat, and hang the rope from a porch ceiling or tree.

  10. Creating a DIY pergola

    Creating a DIY pergola

    Pergolas are a great addition to your outdoor living space. Made up of cross rafters, this wall-less structure gives you plenty of light and an inviting space for relaxing, dining or just admiring the outdoors. Aside from adding more style and character to your home, they also add value to your property. A pergola is best built on a flat and leveled area in your backyard, near large trees for shade.

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